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Funny Marketing Idea – Funny Commercial 2

Haven’t seen the first post “Fight for Kisses”? Check it out first!

Here’s more to inspire you to generate more funny marketing ideas.
When it comes to commercials, people often say “sex sells.” Well, I’m not sure how much sex helps boosting sales, but it’s surely being used a lot in commercials especially for beer as the one below.

Funny, unexpected idea / story line plus beautiful woman is really a good combination for a memorable [thus successful] commercial for beer.

Don’t speak the language. It’s ok…

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Funny Marketing Idea – Funny Commercial

Planning to use something funny as the theme in your new ads or marketing campaign? Check out the video below.

I saw some crazily funny commercials here and there online and decided to open a couple of posts just for them. After all, fun is a great emotional button to push when you want your ad to stand out, to be remembered and to be talked about. If you’re looking for crazy, funny ideas for your ads, commercial or marketing campaign, hopefully this video and the ones coming up can give you some idea and inspiration. If not, the video is still helpful: it’ll give you a good laugh.