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Get Your Competitor’s Web Traffic Data

Different tools to help you with your competitive website data analysis

Get your competitor's web traffic data

In an earlier post SWOT analysis for your website, I mentioned the four elements of your SWOT analysis include identifying your website strength (S), uncovering your its weaknesses (W), identifying opportunities (O) for the site and uncovering threats (T) against it. While a decent web analytics application like Google Analytics can help you get insight into your own website S and W elements, what and how can you know about your competitor’s web performance in order to make your SWOT analysis more complete? I emphasized “web performance” as opposed to other general information that you can obtain by browsing your competitors’ websites. Below are some tools to help you get some idea about your competitors’ website performance.

Live Polling Technology

Want to Get Immediate Results for Your Polling Questions at an Event? Try these…

Live Polling

Turning Technologies

This company/technology made me think about writing this post because it was quite innovative and fun having a live polling session and real-time results at a conference. While writing this post, I heard about another company offering similar polling capability, so here you go and hope it’ll spice up your events and make them a bit more memorable.

Turning Technologies uses proprietary polling devices and software which integrates 100% into MS PowerPoint and allows audiences to participate in presentations by submitting responses using a keypad or other hand-held/computer devices.

Funny Marketing Idea – Funny Commercial 2

Haven’t seen the first post “Fight for Kisses”? Check it out first!

Here’s more to inspire you to generate more funny marketing ideas.
When it comes to commercials, people often say “sex sells.” Well, I’m not sure how much sex helps boosting sales, but it’s surely being used a lot in commercials especially for beer as the one below.

Funny, unexpected idea / story line plus beautiful woman is really a good combination for a memorable [thus successful] commercial for beer.

Don’t speak the language. It’s ok…

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SWOT Analysis For Websites

Already had a SWOT analysis for your overall marketing plan and strategy, have you ever done a SWOT analysis for your website?

SWOT analysis thumbnail

It’s that time of the year that I need to do a SWOT analysis for my company’s websites, so maybe it ‘s also time for you to start thinking about renewing or starting a SWOT analysis for your website / online marketing if you haven’t got one yet. The SWOT analysis for your website can be integrated into your overall SWOT analysis; however, it may be better to be separated.

Funny Marketing Idea – Funny Commercial

Planning to use something funny as the theme in your new ads or marketing campaign? Check out the video below.

I saw some crazily funny commercials here and there online and decided to open a couple of posts just for them. After all, fun is a great emotional button to push when you want your ad to stand out, to be remembered and to be talked about. If you’re looking for crazy, funny ideas for your ads, commercial or marketing campaign, hopefully this video and the ones coming up can give you some idea and inspiration. If not, the video is still helpful: it’ll give you a good laugh.