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  1. @Sarah: Not 100% sure what you meant. Talking about message size: from the email provider’s point of view, your message is indeed smaller in size, thus you pay less to your email provider – usually charge by the total size of all email during a certain period of time; however, from the recipient’s point of view, the recipient still has to download all images and text message; thus, the size of the final/complete message is pretty much the same regardless of attaching or linking to images.

  2. This is an extremely helpful tutorial – thank you for writing it, it helped me a lot. I just have one question – and it may be a silly one, but I need to ask anyway – why is the size of the email message equal to the size of the emailed page? Isn’t the point of emailing a HTML page so that the images etc are hosted, not attached, and therefore the message size should be tiny..? I can only assume that Outlook (when receiving the email) is telling the user how large the final download will be, but if someone is lookign at the email and deciding whether to read it, a quoting the page size as the message size is misleading, as one could assume its an attachment they don’t want, especially when using HTML email in a marketing sense. Do you know what I mean?

  3. Amazing!, I was not aware of the absolute paths . No wonder I could not see the images. The email HTML need absolute paths to reference the image. Thanks. Good tutorial. But the email format/layout would not get disrupted if they were defined as seperate background images or divs.

  4. I was using relative path to my images and the html email didn’t work, the whole layout was disrupted. Thanks for pointing that out in the post.

  5. I may know the answer to your question, Jessie. I’m doing some more research to see if it’s worth to do a separate post about using additional software together with Outlook to manage your distribution list.

    In the mean time, the cap for the distribution file per Microsoft, if I’m not mistaken is about 150-200 email addresses.

  6. Agree with Susan! We just switched from Eudora to Outlook, and my team is all excited about the new capability to send out nicely formatted html email in 2009.

    I understand Outlook has a limit on the number of recipients — number of email addresses in the “Send to” field. Do you know the exact cap and if there’s a good program to handle sending email blast to say 500 recipients?

  7. HTML Email provides Feeds, Starter & Standard Editions~~~(accounts) Setting up and managing client accounts, Tools for Troubleshooting, finding web pages you want…..to mention a few benefits.

    HTML Email is created in Outlook to give it connection and a Life ONLINE.

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