RGB to HEX Color Converter

RGB HEX color converter

I don’t remember how many times my co-workers and myself wanted to convert RGB values to HEX value and vice versa but couldn’t find a reliable and clean tool to use. As Marketing professionals, we are more familiar with RGB values since we use RGB in documents, spreadsheets and presentations. However, sometimes we need the HEX color values to send to external agencies / designers, or other times we receive the HEX values from those people but couldn’t tell what are the equivalent RGB values. This tool is first for myself to use, then if it’s helpful to you, just use it!

Here’s a simple and clean tool to convert RGB to HEX color. You can bookmark the page and refer to it later on when needed. Click here if you to convert HEX to RGB.

RGB to Hex Color Converter

Enter R, G, B values to the boxes below, then hit the Convert button. Note that individual value of R, G, B is never greater than 255.

Result Hex color
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