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HEX to RGB Color Converter

HEX RGB color converter

I have another post about the need to have a color converter to convert RGB to HEX colors. However, sometimes we need the opposite, when Marketing receives HEX colors from the web team or from external agencies / designers and wants to get the equivalent RGB values to use in documents or presentations. In that case, a HEX to RGB converter is needed.

Here is a simple and clean tool to convert HEX to RGB color. You can bookmark the page and refer to it later on when needed. Click here if you want to convert RGB to HEX.

RGB to HEX Color Converter

RGB HEX color converter

I don’t remember how many times my co-workers and myself wanted to convert RGB values to HEX value and vice versa but couldn’t find a reliable and clean tool to use. As Marketing professionals, we are more familiar with RGB values since we use RGB in documents, spreadsheets and presentations. However, sometimes we need the HEX color values to send to external agencies / designers, or other times we receive the HEX values from those people but couldn’t tell what are the equivalent RGB values. This tool is first for myself to use, then if it’s helpful to you, just use it!

MS Excel 2010 Custom Colors

Create custom colors and apply them to charts and everything else
with Excel 2010

Excel 2010 Custom Colors

My company has just switched from Microsoft Office 2003 to MS Office 2010, and to my surprise, almost everything in the main menu of MS Excel was changed in 2010 version. That makes everything seem harder and more importantly makes my other post MS Excel 2003 Custom Colors outdated although it’s still valid and useful for those who are still using MS Excel 2003.

Here’s the update for MS Excel 2010:
Excel 2010 provides a bunch of built-in color palettes, but you can also create a custom palette from scratch and then apply your new color scheme to charts, tables or whatever automatically. The process only take minutes but would save you lots of time later on, and it’s one of the things that possibly makes Excel 2010 more… bearable.

Photoshop Custom Swatch Palette and Custom Color Palette

Create custom color palette / custom swatches palette in Photoshop
Updated for Photoshop CS4

Custom swatches in Photoshop

Photoshop comes with many built-in color swatches palettes. However, more likely the colors in these palettes are not the ones you’re going to use. Without a custom color swatches palette, whenever you want to use your colors, usually you’ve got to manually enter the RGB or CMYK color values. That’s obviously not very efficient considering you may enter the wrong RGB or CMYK values. Thus, if you have certain color palettes that you use all the time, it’s recommended to create your own custom color palettes so that you can easily use them with Photoshop short-cut or the eye-dropper tool.

MS Excel 2003 Custom Colors, Custom Chart Colors & Custom Color Palette

Apply RGB colors / custom colors/ custom color palette to MS Excel charts and text.

Excel custom chart color

Updated article for Excel 2010: Excel 2010 Custom Colors
The article below was written for Excel 2003; it’s still accurate and useful for Excel 2003 users. If you’re using Excel 2010, please click on the above link for a more relevant article.

Using consistent colors and color palette across different marketing tools and materials — ads, sale literature, web pages, spreadsheets and charts,… — are significantly important and beneficial. However, most of the time your business colors are not included inside Excel default color palette. If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace the default colors in Excel with your customized color palette. Here’s how: