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How To Use Adobe Acrobat Professional 9

How to use Adobe Acrobat Professional from creating a PDF document, inserting or deleting pages, to creating and editing bookmarks

Creating a PDF document

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is to read/open a PDF file; to create a PDF document, you need Adobe Acrobat Writer, also called Adobe Acrobat Professional, which is not free. With Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, you can convert almost any type of documents into a PDF by using menu File > Print then select Adobe PDF as the printer; hit OK and you’ll have a PDF document.

Fix MS Word 2010 to PDF Link Problem

Simple way to fix broken links in PDF after converted from Word 2007 or 2010

MS Word 2010 broken link problem

I’ve lived with this bug for quite a while, just now decided to write a short post about fixing the broken links and broken text problem after converting MS Word 2010 document to PDF. If you don’t experience this issue, then lucky you, if you’ve been noticing the issue, then read on as the fix is very simple. By the way, there’re all sorts of issues with Office 2010, another one is the printing issue with PowerPoint 2010.