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Create Image Map / Hotspot in Dreamweaver CS4

How to create a clickable image map in Dreamweaver CS4/CS5

Create image map in Dreamweaver

An image map or a clickable image map is a web image containing (sub-)areas that linked to different content or web pages. Each clickable area is often referred to as a hotspot. Image map is useful in presenting and organizing information where you let web visitors see the big picture and also give them the option to click around and explore the areas of interest. An example would be something like the image on the left with four distinctive areas constructed by the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece may represent one of your products or services or anything else.

Create a Pull-Down List/Drop-down Menu

How to turn a pull-down or drop-down list into a drop-down menu (without and easier than using Dreamweaver)

Pulldown menu

I have another short and pretty popular post about how to Create a Drop-down Menu with Dreamweaver. The drop-down menu discussed in that post is different from the pull-down menu mentioned here although most of the times people use the terms “drop-down” and “pull-down” interchangeably. The menu we are talking about here is done by using the <select> and <option> tags and looks like the thumbnail on the left.

Website Maintenance Tools

Want to do the website maintenance yourself? Here are some basic tools you need

DIY - Website maintenance

There are a lot of good HTML tutorials online from beginning to intermediate and advanced levels. You can find almost everything about HTML and other web design coding languages at This article and the followings, however, only aim to help you gain some fundamental knowledge of essential tools and HTML basics – not enough to build a whole website but perhaps enough and quickly enough to know what to use to look at an HTML page and know what’s what and to maintain the web pages by yourself.

Create a Drop-down Menu with Dreamweaver CS4

How to create a cross-browser drop-down menu with Dreamweaver in minutes

Create drop-down menu with Dreamweaver

This is going to be short and the main purpose is to let you know Dreamweaver CS4 has a built-in functionality letting you create a good CSS-based drop-down menu in minutes. I’m not sure at what version Dreamweaver started to have this built-in drop-down generator. Perhaps it was from CS3.

The dropdown is CSS/text-based, very easy to customize and maintain and works well with different browsers even when you have a big Flash or image banner right underneath.

When Dreamweaver Has a Complete Advantage

Some cases when Dreamweaver has a complete advantage over web text editors


Dreamweaver is considered by many one of the best HTML editors, if not THE BEST HTML editor currently available. It’s more than just another WYSIWYG [What you see is what you get] software where you can design/develop web page without having to know HTML. I will have multiple posts about Dreamweaver and how to use it to create websites and HTML emails for marketing professionals. This post is going to be about how using Dreamweaver saved me and probably you lots of time and efforts compared to using a text editor.