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Favicon Library – A Collection of Favicons

I like favicons a lot. For my sites, I even created the favicons myself. However, for those who don’t have the software, the time or the ability to do it, below is a long list of favicons. Hopefully, you can find one that fits what you need.

Create Image Map / Hotspot in Dreamweaver CS4

How to create a clickable image map in Dreamweaver CS4/CS5

Create image map in Dreamweaver

An image map or a clickable image map is a web image containing (sub-)areas that linked to different content or web pages. Each clickable area is often referred to as a hotspot. Image map is useful in presenting and organizing information where you let web visitors see the big picture and also give them the option to click around and explore the areas of interest. An example would be something like the image on the left with four distinctive areas constructed by the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece may represent one of your products or services or anything else.

Web Graphics – Create Web Graphics In Photoshop P3

Create web graphics with Photoshop – The Fundamentals
Part 3 – Essential Tools

Photoshop web graphics

This is the third and probably the last post for the series of posts about Creating web graphics with Photoshop. Part 1 again deals with different image types supported by web browsers; part 2 focuses on saving images for the web; and this part, part 3, is about Photoshop essential tools: the Layer palette, the History palette, Crop tool, Text tool, Eyedropper tool, and Image Adjustments menu.

Why those tools but not the others?

These are the tools I use most frequently to create web graphics and update images on websites. Plus, their usage is the one I often got asked about by others.

Free Online Photo Editing Applications

Want to edit your photos but don’t want to install any software? Use free online photo editing applications.

Free online image editor

Already knew about several great free image editors but don’t feel like them, let’s start exploring some other option: free online photo editing applications. These are web-based applications, so you only need to go to some websites and edit your photos online; and they’re free [at the time of writing this article].

Also, since you don’t have to install anything, you can test out as many applications as you want to find out which one you like the best. There’s no harm done to your computer, again no installation and no un-installation. You may have to sign up for a free account in order to use the application.

Web Graphics – Create Web Graphics In Photoshop P2

Create web graphics with Photoshop – The Fundamentals
Part 2 – Save image for the web / Optimize image for the web

Photoshop web graphics

Already know about different image types supported by web browsers, below are some simple steps to save your images for the web with Photoshop.

To save image for the web or to optimize it for the web, you just need to open your image in Photoshop, then go to menu File > Save for Web or File > Save for Web & Devices with CS4, or you can use the combination of keys Ctrl Alt Shift S. No matter what versions of Photoshop you’re using, a dialog box will appear to let you change your image settings and your image size. That’s basically it.