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Create Interactive World Map with Mouseover Data for Your Website

How to add responsive & interactive world map on your website easily with Google GeoChart tool

A couple of months ago, my friend showed me a website featuring an interactive world map displaying the organization’s locations all over the world as well as their number of employees in each location. After a little of digging, I’ve found that it’s not hard to replicate such interactive world map on my site. At its core, the world map is powered by Google visualization tool, and all you need to do is do re-use their code and a little bit of tinkering to customize the map fit your purpose.

Note that this is not using the image map/hotspot — when you add a static image (of the map) and slice it into different region then add the mouseover code to create the effect.

Free Softwares – Free Photo Editor

Free photo editors including both photo editing softwares and
photo editing online applications

Photo editor icon

If you have a high resolution stock image or an image from your digital camera and wonder how to put it on the web with smaller size, then you need to use a photo editing software/application allowing you to crop, resize, and do some other photo adjustment/enhancement. Here are some working, reliable and completely free image editing software and image editing web-based application.

Things worth considering while deciding which freewares to use: who owns/creates the software; whether it’s still being upgraded and supported? the size of the installation file? the functionality? other users’ ratings…