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Want to Get Immediate Results for Your Polling Questions at an Event? Try these…

Live Polling

Turning Technologies

This company/technology made me think about writing this post because it was quite innovative and fun having a live polling session and real-time results at a conference. While writing this post, I heard about another company offering similar polling capability, so here you go and hope it’ll spice up your events and make them a bit more memorable.

Turning Technologies uses proprietary polling devices and software which integrates 100% into MS PowerPoint and allows audiences to participate in presentations by submitting responses using a keypad or other hand-held/computer devices.

At my company’s event, we used keypads; thus we gave each attendee a keypad – Responsecard, and we remembered to get them all back as well :p. You can either rent the keypads if you only use them once in a while or buy them if you use them more often. When the presentation reached the polling slide with polling questions, we asked the audience to vote by using the keypads, and with a click of the button, the voting results displayed immediately in real time in the forms of numbers, charts or both. How exciting!

Turning Technologies website

Poll Everywhere

Like Turning Technologies, Poll Eveywhere creates real-time polling experiences at events. However, unlike Turning Tech, Poll Everywhere only uses mobile devices with standard web technology; your audience can vote using SMS text messages, Twitter, or on the web. Basically, they can vote anywhere where they have Internet access or wireless signal.

One of the best things about this is if you have a small event with the audience size of less than 30, or more exactly less than 30 people who will vote, you can use it for free.

Poll Everywhere website

Hope you find this post helpful!

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  1. Useful, thanks!
    I found some more related to live polling but haven’t tried yet. May come back and post my findings.

  2. This is what I’m researching for my upcoming conference. I’m not sure what they call these so just searched for Live Polling Technology and your site came up. Great!

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