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Funny Marketing Idea – Funny Commercial 2

Haven’t seen the first post “Fight for Kisses”? Check it out first!

Here’s more to inspire you to generate more funny marketing ideas.
When it comes to commercials, people often say “sex sells.” Well, I’m not sure how much sex helps boosting sales, but it’s surely being used a lot in commercials especially for beer as the one below.

Funny, unexpected idea / story line plus beautiful woman is really a good combination for a memorable [thus successful] commercial for beer.

Don’t speak the language. It’s ok…

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Your Computer Is Infected! Spyware Problems!

“Your computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware infection!”
Possible solutions when spyware hijacked your computer

Spyware problem

This is not about online marketing, but I want to post it with a hope that some will find it useful dealing with malware and spyware. It took me hours trying to find the right and free tools, so here they are for your reference.

What happened

Although pretty aware of spywares, malwares, keyloggers, viruses… and all of those, my computer got infected with Trojan Keylogger while I was browsing for some music videos on a website. I didn’t download anything; a popup just suddenly flashed, then the computer shut down and re-started by itself!

Create a Drop-down Menu with Dreamweaver CS4

How to create a cross-browser drop-down menu with Dreamweaver in minutes

Create drop-down menu with Dreamweaver

This is going to be short and the main purpose is to let you know Dreamweaver CS4 has a built-in functionality letting you create a good CSS-based drop-down menu in minutes. I’m not sure at what version Dreamweaver started to have this built-in drop-down generator. Perhaps it was from CS3.

The dropdown is CSS/text-based, very easy to customize and maintain and works well with different browsers even when you have a big Flash or image banner right underneath.

When Dreamweaver Has a Complete Advantage

Wonder why people use Dreamweaver to create and maintain web pages. Here are some cases when Dreamweaver has a complete advantage over text editors


Dreamweaver is considered by many one of the best HTML editors, if not THE BEST HTML editor currently available. It’s more than just another WYSIWYG [What you see is what you get] software where you can design/develop web page without having to know HTML. I will have multiple posts about Dreamweaver and how to use it to create websites and HTML emails for marketing professionals. This post is going to be about how using Dreamweaver saved me and probably you lots of time and efforts compared to using a text editor.

Free Online Photo Editing Applications

Want to edit your photos but don’t want to install any software? Use free online photo editing applications.

Free online image editor

Already knew about several great free image editors but don’t feel like them, let’s start exploring some other option: free online photo editing applications. These are web-based applications, so you only need to go to some websites and edit your photos online; and they’re free [at the time of writing this article].

Also, since you don’t have to install anything, you can test out as many applications as you want to find out which one you like the best. There’s no harm done to your computer, again no installation and no un-installation. You may have to sign up for a free account in order to use the application.

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