About Content Management System – CMS

Content Mangement System (CMS) and CMS advantages


Ever wonder what is a CMS and its advantages? Ever wonder whether your company should switch from using a traditional website to a CMS-driven website. Hopefully this article will give you some understanding about CMS, the differences between CMS and non-CMS sites and more.

CMS overview – From Wikipedia

A web content management system is basically a way of separating your visual presentation from your actual content – whether that content includes photos, text or product catalogs. This separation allows one to accomplish several key things, including:

Google Places – Google Local Business Listing

Get your business on Google Places

Google Places

In the previous post Has Your Website Search Ranking Dropped Lately? we briefly mentioned search localization emphasizing the fact that today’s search engines tend to give more priority to local search results over general search results. A search term like “London pizza” on Google UK will give pizza restaurants based in London more priority over the rest as Google displays a map with highlighted London-based pizza stores at the top of the search results. To take advantages of this change and trend in search, you can and should list or claim your business with Google Places.

If Google Places has already had your business information in its database, you’ll need to claim your listing. If it has not, you’ll need to add your business info. Either way, you’ll benefit from getting your business listed on Google Places – Google Local Business listing.

Google Places Benefits

  • Your business can be listed in Google local business directory and displayed from or for local searches

Google PageRank Algorithm

Interesting content about Google PageRank algorithm

Found in The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google by Nicholas Carr

The information is not new; basically it’s about the importance of having related links – both inbound and outbound – on your websites. I still find the author’s description intesteting and well written.

Live Polling Technology

Want to Get Immediate Results for Your Polling Questions at an Event? Try these…

Live Polling

Turning Technologies

This company/technology made me think about writing this post because it was quite innovative and fun having a live polling session and real-time results at a conference. While writing this post, I heard about another company offering similar polling capability, so here you go and hope it’ll spice up your events and make them a bit more memorable.

Turning Technologies uses proprietary polling devices and software which integrates 100% into MS PowerPoint and allows audiences to participate in presentations by submitting responses using a keypad or other hand-held/computer devices.

Web Graphics – Create Web Graphics In Photoshop P3

Create web graphics with Photoshop – The Fundamentals
Part 3 – Essential Tools

Photoshop web graphics

This is the third and probably the last post for the series of posts about Creating web graphics with Photoshop. Part 1 again deals with different image types supported by web browsers; part 2 focuses on saving images for the web; and this part, part 3, is about Photoshop essential tools: the Layer palette, the History palette, Crop tool, Text tool, Eyedropper tool, and Image Adjustments menu.

Why those tools but not the others?

These are the tools I use most frequently to create web graphics and update images on websites. Plus, their usage is the one I often got asked about by others.